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05. The Story

In the Company of Angels II: The World Will Sing
by Caedmon's Call


In some sweet ways, it's simple
Sometimes that's all I can need
To trust someone else so I can get some sleep

All our heroes have deserted
Said we were nothing on our own
Well now that's all I am

O, can you tell me the story
Of all Your Glory?
Of Your rising again?
Cause I, I'm in love with the mystery
Of how our sad history
Can turn out for good

And the bitter man is angry
Angry man just thinks he's right
Too right to see mercy when he's standing in the light

We can shed tears over dying
We can rage and we can fight
But we cannot forget that
We were loved before we opened up our eyes
Such foolish pride

It's a shame to build our homes
With bricks of fear and cynical stones
There is nothing left to run from
There is nothing left but love

Can you tell me the story?
Can you tell me the story?
I need to hear it again
I need to hear it again

words and music by Andrew Osenga / ©2006 The Velvet Eagle Sings (ASCAP) (adm. by the Loving Company)

Behind the Song:
'It probably happens to every good kid who grows up in the Church, but at some point a few years ago I got very tired of Christianity, at least, the Christianity that I found in bookstores and on TBN. It seemed that all I could see in any Christian was how they were failing to live up to their calling. This is obviously a ridiculously self-righteous way to think, but I doubt itís all that foreign to most of us.

And I donít think I was wrong about all of it. There are some things truly screwed up in the way we as Americans have made the Church into such a commodity to be bought and sold. The teaching of our churches is often dictated by the best marketing strategy. We love to chase the trends and to make the Gospel seem as hip as it can be.

The problem is: the Gospel isnít hip. And itís not so much that it even IS or ISNíT, itís that 'hip' shouldnít matter at all. The truth of the Gospel is that we are sinners who are loved desperately by our Creator, who we have all wronged deeply, and who is faithful to complete His good things in us, despite ourselves.

I got to the point where I was so blinded by my cynicism and bitterness towards the commerce of the Church that I could not see the reason for the Church at all. Itís not to make money, or to lose it. Itís to gather together to remind each other about the love of God, the only thing that really matters, and to encourage us to live in that and spread it around. This song was written during that time, and it is a cry out for someone to stop trying to sell me things, or in my case as an artist, to stop trying to sell ME, and to just tell me again how God loves me, and how He forgives me, and how He will right every wrong and heal every wound. I am so grateful that is true, and thankful that He put people into my life to remind me of that again.' - Andrew Osenga (Caedmon's Call)




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