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03. Shinin' (feat. Tedashii)

Our World: Fallen
by Flame


I keep His word in me
So Iím shinin all the time
Shinin all the time
Shinin all the time

Ay!!! Welcome! (From them hot boys)
I guess you wondering how we shine?
How we glow homie?
But non other than the word of God that keeps us shining

I keep His word in me
So Iím shinin all the time
shinin all the time
shinin all the time
I keep His word in me
So Iím shinin all the time
shinin all the time
shinin all the time

Partner life can be a struggle
It get rough sometimes
So I put my faith in scripture
Not the stuff that I buy
And when I try to take this Truth
From the scripture to masses
They say they canít hack this
And saying Iím judging like Mathis (man!)
I ainít got no problem with cats who say they wanna be happy
But the problem is your search is never ending like habits
Without God
Why do we settle for less?
Shiny rocks they say was rare
So we call it the best
And since your favorite rapper, rapper
Rocks it then you rock it
Losing you soul
Solely so theyíll jock it
If there was a treasure that we said was better
And we told you where to find it
Would you follow or not even bother
And sadly, youíd settle for diamonds
But sadly several would settle
Never inquiring who the Messiah be
Neither the scripture that He was inspiring
Shunning the person that shining is requiring
Looking for pension but never retiring
Wanting to shine all of the time
Rocking the ice that you claiming is blinding
Itís blinding you
Look at the irony


I keep, I keep His Word in me
Itís like a light to my path
Mid amongst vipers we coming to light up the Ave
Whether youíre in Rykas Island or youíre right in my class
Adding up the sin price
I hope youíre liking the math
Trust me dawg my wrist donít glitz with diamonds
So what is the means by which Iím shining?
OkayÖ you want to know the whole way?
Let me tell you what His word say
Lived the perfect life
Paid the purchase price
Gave up His life
Then he rose on the third dayÖ okay
We born in this world into sin and
As soon as we step in itís really a problem
And what are we goiní do about this issue
And who is the one that can solve it
If sin is the cancer
And we need to answer
And we need to know what the cure is
The cure is the blood of Jesus
Heís the one that can free us
He sure is
YesÖ now thatís the reason we gleam
The reason we rap, we sing, because Jesus is King
YesÖ from internal to external like a hard drive
Cause I was saved like data the day the Lord died


Iím shinin all the time but you blind to the fact
Because your life is moving backwards like rewinding this track
Even if Iím wearing hand me downs with Calvin Klein on my slacks
Rocking the ice that I got from the swamp meat
Thatís got you downing me black
Iím still shining like a light baby
My mind is in the right places
The bible writes in this
My savior died in life that He might save us
So it donít matter
If your chain hang low
See when you die where will you go
Its gain the world and lose your soul

Man we gotta consider this life is nothing but a step to get to the King
Look at the people thatís chasing the bling
All they pursuing is doing their thing
And what does that bring more of the pain
Sending you back into chasing the things
Only a cycle pick up the bible
Look and just see that itís simple and plain
Yea itís cool to rock them new shoes
Yea itís cool to rock them new jeans
Red monkeys Red Bapes
Donít make it replace the King
If what you buy what you drive
Stopping you from worshipping God
Thatís the problem
Get resolving
All of it dissolves in the fire





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