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08. Leave You

Don't Drink The Water
by Playdough


(I'm gonna leave you), this thing that I love is the thing that I hate
(I'm gonna leave you), I don't want it to end but I can't wait

The thing that I love is the thing that I hate, this music, this life, this career lyin' in wait for Heaven's best, beyond blessed, beyond cursed, we all rest, we all nurse, it's called Earth, it's small turf, but since birth I've been cursed with this blessin', searchin' for perfection in this music to the point rhyme sucks all my time, gotta climb up this ladder of premeditated data, chatter box and it rocks and it wiggles at the top, swayin' to and fro, doin' so, prayin' that it stops, prayin' that it never ends, prayin' that I never bend, prayin' that I'm rock hard hopin' that I'm still soft, still loft up a couple bills off the list, I don't care what they think, still I wanna be missed, I miss my home but I love the road, I love payin' these dues, just wanna make what I'm owed

I don't care about these people but I want them all to like me, don't wanna be heard but asked the sound man to mic me, I wanna stay home but wanna see your zip code, wanna stay underground but I wanna ship gold, wanna flip mode but I wanna stand still, don't wanna make mistakes but know that every man will, I wanna laugh, wanna cry, cause it's passin' me by, wanna give up after this cause it's the last time I try, but I've said that a couple times before, cause this thing I love to hate's what I've been placed here for, what Mother raised me for and though it pays me poor, I'm too deep in months, years, countless days of war, I wanna change the score but don't wanna play the game, I wanna go unnoticed but I want you all to know my name, I wanna make it last forever so tomorrow I could end it, savin' up my money just to spend it

The flesh that I work to keep livin', I wish that I could kill it cause the struggles that it's givin', all this trouble that it's willin' is revealin' all my weakness, I wanna be the same but I'm searchin' for uniqueness, I'm rowin' upstream but I'm followin' the crowd, my life is on mute but my words are up loud, and I'm proud of my spirit but ashamed when it counts, can't wait until it's over, can't wait until I bounce, cause I love to live life but I hate it all the same, it's a cursed dark world, only refuge is the name of the God that I'd die for, but couldn't live for, spittin' in His face, takin' grace just to get more commitments that I can't keep and He knows this, testin' me for strength knowin' that I'll blow this, but learnin' lessons is what life is all about, can't wait until that hour glass is out, then I'm out




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