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07. Saddle Up

Don't Drink The Water
by Playdough


I'm reminded of a night I was rockin' it right, I met this little girl there, curled hair and some tight-fit jeans, couldn't be older than 13, busy tellin' me she thought the way I rap sound clean, I asked her name, shook her hand, said "thanks for the props, I'm glad you dug the set, bet you must like hip hop" she said "sometimes, though I really like the way you made it", so I asked her just to run me down a list of all her favorites, 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Nelly, Puff, Lil Kim, TRL top ten, all my friends got them, and that's cool, I ain't trippin', everybody got taste, I asked her why they was her favorites and the look on her face became blank, take your time, no need to rush, cause a question like this got girly's face lookin' blushed, then she flushed out her answer, said "I don't know", and it was clear that her peers dictated her say-so, was it beats, was it lyrics, video, dance steps, was it flows, was it ho's in their song concepts, was it thug rap, was it club rap, was it cause somebody's already done that, but it was none that I could mention, and then it was understood she let the media tell her what kind of music was good, opinion unknown, no mind of her own, she's just a vulture, another pop culture clone, usin' cologne that was conjured up, manmade, just a story in the lab where fads are band-aids on the cheek, this world is weak, we all seek what was hot for the minute then on to next week so let's speak, what could be done to change this and wake up the mind of today's teenagers, I asked my wife if there was any hope left, and she told me not to hold my breath, but I just can't accept it, we're all wonderfully made with a unique and special gift that God laid in our plan, but the other man that we wanna be shows we don't understand, but we gotta stand in confidence usin' our common sense, and stay true, only you know your conscience, see you can hop that fence and see what's on the other side, if you fail man, at least you tried

Saddle up homeboy cause that's what's up
Make your choice, soon voices must erupt
Before you're left holdin' your empty cup
So saddle up everybody giddy up

Saddle up, let's pretend, giddy up
We could ride a trend, we could bend, giddy up
With no opinion, everybody giddy up
I'm here to get gassed so somebody fill her up, that's what's up




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