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10. Don't Drink The Water

Don't Drink The Water
by Playdough


Harry Krum, goldfinger, the golden touch, and I don't think other emcees are holdin' much, an all-day buffet cause I got the breath, confident that I'll try to compliment the chef for a tall glass of water and an r&b ballad, get my soup on with a crouton in a salad, valid, cleanse out the ends of the pallet, with the water into wine, I got mine, ten gallons, it's the size of the hat where the verbs are at, the spurs and chaps, coordinate the words in raps, everything seems bigger in Texas, like the magic beams as it gleams my necklace, dreams of Lexus and Benz but that just depends how I break necks, tape decks, amps and tens, with a tweeter on a meter that'll measure the weight, I'll pleasurely state that I'm lookin' legibly great, so tell 'em to wait, I make creative God music, sprinkled with the knowledge and truth so all use, snake's head bruised it, wisdom diffused it, but it only works when you choose it, please!

Please don't drink that water
Cause it don't taste how a fresh glass oughta
It stinks and emotes, whether sinks or it floats
It'll sting in your throat, better change that order

Hold that glass to the light and notice, what's blurred in the dark is exposed in focus, it's metaphoric, but you can still take it literal, floatin' upside-down, they poisoned the mineral, pitiful, brains and opinions are critical, TV, radio, media in general, fill it up because our cup don't know, what we need what we like but when they say so, what should I drive, what should I wear, we all care, what they say is alright so highlight your hair, do it just like this and wear your shirt like that, roll up your jeans, magazines say you look too fat, what's the latest greatest quickest time diet, anorexic ladies on the cover, let's try it, buy it, spend a couple bucks ask why it didn't work when you memorized inside it, cause everybody's human the same as you, you're only likin' all the things that they told you to, see you can change up the flavor with some lemons up on it, but tell your waiter that you don't want it, please!




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