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11. The Difference

Don't Drink The Water
by Playdough


They laugh at me cause I'm different
I laugh at them cause they're not
I got to follow something that's different
Something most ain't got

Different clothes, different flows, different song plays, different toes, different nose, different
always, different, I'm everything you ain't, the same canvas usin' different paint, we see things
different, we do things different, we say things different, we chase things different, we place things
different, our race seems different, but when it's said and done yo we ain't that different, we all got
things that are hidden in the closet, we all got pain and the same thing cause it, the spirit is willin'
but the flesh still flaws it, we're all dealt hands and the man that draws it get the shortest straw, hey
look at all of y'all, everybody dressed the same in your high school hall, different trends, different
friends, but it all depends who you're seekin' when this joyride ends

I left my past behind me
Runnin' from yesterday
Somehow it seems to find me
Cause I can't get far enough away
But I gotta keep pushin' on

My heart pumps with the difference, beats with significance, spirit and soul take control of the
instruments, muscle to the ligaments, search for deliverance, I'm claimin' the slain blood paid for my
innocence, what I think's cool you probably think is hot, and what you think's cool I probably think is
not, but it's alright yo, we're two different human beings, you like trendy rappin', I like real emceein',
it's all good though you say, tomato tomahto, potato potahto, it's Playdough it's Plahdough, whatever you
like don't matter to me, you'll never see me watchin' fashion shows on E! Entertainment, as soon as it
came went right out the door with the next store arrangement, the butt of all jokes cause I don't look
like you, the funniest thing is that I don't want to, so you can call this kid a fool, you can laugh or
ridicule, but it's all pitiful, small, vain, and miniscule, I know I probably hit a few nerve endings, but
it's all pending on the day you stop pretending, I gotta be different, I need to be different, I bleed to
be different, I breathe to be different, and that's the difference, that's the difference, that's the
difference between you and me




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