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03. Sufficient

Don't Wait
by Adie

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Hear my heart lord as I cry out to you
Hear my prayer lord and carry me thru
In your mercy in the promise you made
Be my strength lord when my strength fades away

Cos when I am weak your strength is complete
It痴 perfect
Completely all I need
Sufficient for me
Your grace and peace are perfect
Completely all I need
You池e all that I need

In my weakness I知 finding your strength
In my sorrow a gentle embrace
Thru the seasons of laughter or pain
You are listening
When I call out your name

I値l find you when I seek
I値l look for you with all of my heart
And I値l find you when I知 weak
Cos you are strong

Hear my heart lord as I cry out to you
Hear my prayer lord and carry my thru
Carry me thru

Produced by Zach Hodges & Jeremy Camp; Mixed by JR McNeely; Written by Scott Cuningham & Adie Camp; Adie Camp - vocals; Jared Camp - guitar; Zach Hodges - piano, strings, programming, electric guitar; Michael Martin - bass; Jules Rodriguez drums


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