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Crazy Caption Photo No.078: "DoodleMe"

(pictured: Bart Millard from MercyMe)
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I swear, if one of these kids makes a Napoleon Dynamite, "Shading on your upper lip" joke, they're gonna get a taste of less "Mercy" and more "Me..." [eagle89]
"Look, I'm sorry guys, but you gotta find a new lead singer. I've just realized another passion and talent I have: drawing." [Phoenix Tears]
"There's a lot more where this came from... if you'll go to the dance with me..." [Oliver]
Bart enjoys drawing fellow worship leader David Crowder. [Luke]
There was now evidence as to why he was failing his classes... [Heather]
"MAN! I just cant seem to be able to draw Lloyd right!" [Josher]
"The guy who stole my real watch looked kinda like this..." [Gabe]
"I asked for an autograph not a lithograph!" [Azzmatic]
"I Can Only Doodle" [Sarah]
Album cover attempt No.43 [grey]
"It's Art with Bart - I make drawing fun!" [sparkman]
"No, no you must understand! I have to let my creative juices flow to get the last verse on that song!" [christian_tomboy]
"And the GMA Award for Best Sketching Artist goes to..." [Angel]
To prove that he had really lost his mind, Bart's bandmates asked him to draw cartoon versions of them. He imediatly started drawing the members of dcTalk. [Jennifer Prince]
"I'm just drawing a picture! STOP MAKING CRAZY CAPTIONS ABOUT ME!!" [quizy]

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eagle89 won a full prerelease of DJ Maj's new album Boogi Root


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