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Crazy Caption Photo No.085: "Storeside Serenade"

(pictured: Matthew West)
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"Can I get a price check on Matthew West please?" [Mookie]
"...if you like to waltz with potatoes, up and down the produce aisle..." [seagull boy]
"Singer/Songwriters? Try aisle 3" [Azzamaloney]
"I'm sorry, I'm out of cash. Do you take song?" [stlarry]
Surrounded by his favorite food items, he could not help but burst into song... [Scrooge]
"I love you s'mooooore..." [Adam]
"'Cause you're his cheeseburger, his lovely cheeseburger..." [Darren]
Suddenly he started singing Aaron Carter's "I Want Candy" [skillet.crazy]
...and then he realizes he was performing in front of nothing but Hostess cupcakes. [luvs2play_softball]
Some artists try out a new song in front of family and friends... others do it in the produce aisle. [Alena]
"Let's see....milk, eggs, bread, guitarist... I think that's it." [willie]
"When I say I sing for a living... I mean it" [i *heart* glitter]
"Ok,I sung you a song. Now may I please get my bag and leave?" [Emily Hooks]
"I'm singing in a store, and I'm SINGING!" [manda]
This is what happens when an artist ticks off his booking agent. [Chuck Woods]
You know something is wrong when you remember to bring your guitar instead of your wallet, to the corner store. [eXiSt_2_iNsPiRe]
"Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are they feeding you?" [jessy]
The Results of Saying: "I don't care where I play, I just want to perform." [Katherine]


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