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Crazy Caption Photo No.087: "Confu5ed?"

(pictured: Stu G of Deliriou5?)
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"Oh man, I knew Taco Bell for breakfast was not a good idea..." [ezrah]
And then he realizes... he can't play both guitar and synthesizer at the same time. [Starkindler89]
"OOWWW! Brain freeze!!" [Erock]
Confu5ed?" [Trevy]
"Oh my gosh, I did it... I rocked my hair off..." [jon]
"DOH!! Wrong note!" [remix]
"...and let my hair grow back, Amen." [Reno ]
"Man! I can never think of anything to say for these Crazy Captions" [Punky Fungus]
45 minutes into the concert he realized his guitar was not plugged in. [i_baby]
"I hate that everyone who sees me thinks I'm in that band Tree63!" [beddy]
"This next one is called.... umm.....uhhhhh...." [Lena]
"Note to self: 'Fire light manager.'" [Irishman]
"Let's just take a moment to give thanks for my awesome guitar skills." [TigerlilyHobbit]
"UHHH dangit, we're at the wrong place again." [Quizzi]
"Wait a minute...these shoes aren't mine!" [Ash McBash]

This Weeks Winner
jon won a rare 5-song EP from Family Force 5! (debut album coming from Gotee Records on March 28, 2006)


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