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Crazy Caption Photo No.118: "Twitchfoot"

(pictured: Jon Foreman, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley of Switchfoot)
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Red Bull, it gives you stings. [Screamo Boy]
"I thought they meant January of next year!!" [r.i.p.raleigh]
Little did Jerome know, that on his first attempt to drinking Red Bull, Drew and Jon secretly replaced it with pure lemon juice... [switchfooter4life!]
"That ain't my American drink." [Dave]
The Not-So-Beautiful Letdown [Trevor]
Not the reaction Jon was hoping for when he played the rest of the band his ideas for a new country music album. [DJ Ska]
Twitchfoot [Casey Morgan]
There are those who can hold their energy drink, and others, like Romey, who can't. [Kelsey]
Red Bull: $1.99, Broken fridge bought at a garage sale: $10, Watching Jerome's expression once he discovers that his Red Bull isn't cold: Priceless! [Somegirl77]
"Hey Jerome, do that James Brown impression again!" [zachary]
Some pictures just don't need a caption to be funny. [JCampFan]
"You can't drink that! We haven't got an endorsement deal with them!" [bQ]
"Dude, you can stop trying to sprout wings now, it was just a marketing ploy" [Canadian guy]
"And I thought AudioA breaking up was bad." [Izzy]
"Oh, Cavity!" [L-Dawg]
The can said "To Jermone. Love, Matt T." This photo was taken just before Relient K's bus caught on fire. [Jasa]
"Life is not what I thought it was, 24 cans of Red Bull ago..." [cucumber]
"The New 'Diet' Red Bull!" [Adam]
The fun prank of replacing Jerome's Red Bull with chicken broth never gets old. [beaky]
Pop Rocks and Red Bull.... never again. [Tausha]
"Daisy, why another day? Why another Red Bull? Who can take the blame?...." [#1footsoldier]
Shortly after this photo was taken they decided an out of tune piano in the middle of a song was a GREAT idea. [allisondisoyal]

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