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Crazy Caption Photo No.123: "Professional Shopper"

(pictured: John Reuben)
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"John Reuben, you have just been Punk'd" [monkeyman]
"Is...Is this a beard? ...I AM a real boy now!" [Res[ilience]]
As soon as John walked in, he knew this is what heaven would look like. [Bass Girlie]
"Dude... I just got pants-ed!" [la chica]
"I want a mask that looks like this..." [steph]
"Sir, like I said before, we do not carry life-sized piñatas. I'm sorry. Now please excuse me, but you are becoming quite a nuisance." [Alex]
He slowly uncovered his eyes. he was still in the arcade, but the rest of his band was nowhere to be seen.... [kyaL]
Professional Shopper [D.O.]
Reuben is not sure what he's dippity doing. [Jason M Irvin]
"Oh buddy, the freaks DO come out at night..." [dilldogg]
Don't worry, he's not frightened or surprised. He's simply taking pictures for his next album, Open Your Mouth. [Brianna]
"Wow, this is hard! Do I want the pink bunny or the purple pony?" [eric]
Suddenly, Chuck E. Cheese looked at him, and all the repressed memories of childhood terrors came flooding back... [suburbian_headbanger]
"Do not tell me what I can and cannot do when I shop!" [Jordan Macias]
It was then that John realized where he could be working if the rap thing doesn't work out. [Link]
"He's right behind me, isn't he?" [JesusFreak]
"Inconceivable!!" [Rachel]
"They found me. I don't know how, but they found me. RUN FOR IT, MARTY!!" ["Maniac" Matt]
But just then, a sudden, dark thought surfaced from the depths of his memory. He had forgotten his mom's birthday. [Candace]

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