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Crazy Caption Photo No.138: "Puppy Love"

(pictured: Sara Delight of Inhabited)
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"I now pronounce yo..." *looks up from Bible* "Wait till I'm done before you start doing that!" [Xavier]
Behind the scenes photos from the latest PETA ad campaign. [Shrimp]
Bus-ted! [Dolly]
"OK, I kissed the dog, now where's my 100 bucks?" [Matthew]
Puppy Love [Brit]
"That's it! No more blind dates for me." [Drum]
"Who needs a man when you got man's best friend?" [steff]
"Aww....what a cute........ WHAT IS THAT SMELL!?" [KLem]
"A little privacy, please!" [greyfedora]
"No, No! I said 'What a nice pooch,' not 'Give him a smooch.'" [allisonisyourfriend]
Dog: "THIS IS AWEEEESSSSOOOMMMEEE!!!!" [Carlos] *winner*
"And the dog thought that it might have Ben Hur..." [vic]
After many rejections, she hit rock bottom. [violonCelloGirl]
"This isn't going to be on the internet, is it?" [rosxfan98079]
"Stupid eHarmony...." [Bloo]
And just as she acted upon the strange impulse, a cameraman popped out from behind the palm tree... [hilary k.]
"Uh.....hi honey! You're early!" [lauren]
"the more boys I meet the more I love my dog" [Rachel]
"And she thinks I have dog breath?!" [Joey Burks]
"I kissed a dog, and I liked it." [JMAC]

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Carlos won a copy of Sanctus Real's We Need Each Other (and an exclusive JFH "Caption Winner" button!)


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