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All Sons & Daughters, Poets & Saints

All Sons & Daughters
Poets & Saints

Artist Info: Discography
Genre(s): Indie / Folk / Worship
Album length: 10 tracks: 42 minutes, 29 seconds
Street Date: September 2, 2016


All Sons and Daughters have made a reputation for themselves for making worship music that is more artistically inclined and thoughtful than many of today's popular praise and worship mega bands that tend to write safe and predictable tracks for your typical Sunday morning. While still hitting many of the familiar notes you would expect for a worship act, All Sons and Daughters also find a way to inject some refreshing creativity and sincerity into their music. That trend continues with their fourth release, Poets & Saints.

Poets & Saints is definitely a worship album, but it has a minimalist singer-songwriter feel to it that is appealing. In some ways, it is reminiscent of much of Audrey Assad's work; you can sing along to the tracks as worship tunes while also enjoying the art of the music itself. For the most part, the music is gentle and thoughtful. There are some tracks, like "I Surrender" and "This My Inheritance," that have more of a typical worship anthem vibe, but the album really shines in the slower moments, in songs like "The Path of Sorrow" and "Rest in You." Lyrically, there's a lot of richness and depth, and the duo have done a great job avoiding many of the clichés and platitudes that tend to plague the worship business. This release may lack any one big hit similar to previous successes, like "All the Poor and Powerless," but it works well as an entire album.

I found Poets & Saints to be a thoughtful, musically excellent release with a sincere heart of worship. It aims more for slow burn than bombast, and that makes it excellent for quiet contemplation and meditation. At the same time, many of the songs will probably still find comfortable homes being sung in churches around the country on Sunday mornings. There may not be any individual tracks that will rise to the popularity of the band's previous hits, but the album as a whole is excellent.

- Review date: 8/31/16, written by Timothy Estabrooks of


Editor's Note: All Sons & Daughters, author and pastor Jamie George, and a film crew ventured to Europe to trace the lives of C.S. Lewis, Saint Patrick, John Newton, Saint Thérèse, Saint Francis, William Cowper, Saint Augustine, George MacDonald and others, mining for undiscovered gems, something to connect these individuals to modern believers. The resulting epic journey into the lives and stories of these Christ-followers that God used to wake up the world has been turned into a Poets & Saints album, book and video curriculum, all releasing Sept. 2 from Integrity Music and David C Cook.

The book via | The curriculum via


JFH Staff's Second Opinion

Since their formation, Indie/folk duo All Sons and Daughters has persistently crafted thoughtful and beautiful songs of congregational worship. Their latest full-length studio release, Poets and Saints, lightens the touch on the congregational appeal for a more reverent and timeless feel. The album has much in common with a traditional hymns collection, even drawing inspiration from the works of John Newton, Saint Augustine, and C.S. Lewis. This does admittedly hinder the album's widespread appeal as the songs are minimalistic in production and somewhat slow in execution. Tracks such as "Path of Sorrow," "You Are Love and Love Alone" and "You Hold It All Together" are rich with theological depth and beauty, but they lack the musical engagement the duo's earlier works possessed. This is slightly balanced by the radio friendly "I Surrender" and the worshipful "This My Inheritance" and "Creation Sings." They successfully recall the duo's traditional sound, but they are few and far between.

Overall, Poets and Saints is a slow burn that may take multiple listens to truly appreciate. The dip in variety during the album's entire second half can be tiresome to get through, but it's hard to deny the duo's unwavering artistic integrity. Those who take the time to let Poets and Saints sink in will certainly find a new treasure to add to their collection. - 9/7/16, Lucas Munachen of


JFH Staff's Additional 2 Cents

    Masters at making the simple into something beautiful, All Sons and Daughters are back to bring us a collection of songs inspired by important figures in Christian history, ranging from Saint Augustine to CS Lewis. David Leonard and Leslie Jordan once again prove they are vocal powerhouses, but despite their skills in harmonization, Poets & Saints is not nearly as engaging as previous efforts--most notably because the album feels less emotionally vulnerable. There are a few tracks that stand out from the rest, including the single "I Surrender All" and the folksy/Christmas-y "My Roving Heart," but even these higher points are a step down from such stellar songs as "Brokenness Aside" or "Christ Be All Around Me." Though it's not a must-have for all worship music fans like Live was, it is still a respectable worship album. - 8/31/16, Christopher Smith

    Since their debut EP, Brokenness Aside, indie pop duo All Sons & Daughters has been doing a lot of favors for people who have trouble finding worship music they enjoy listening to. Their latest album, Poets & Saints, continues the duo's legacy in grand fashion, while also moving in a slightly different direction. Don't take that the wrong way, as everything on this album is as radio-friendly as they've ever been (songs like "I Surrender" and "This My Inheritance" can attest to that fact); however, they took some liberty with their artistic merit and sort of pushed the boundaries of what's acceptable on CCM radio. That being said, I really enjoy the poppiness of the hymn "My Roving Heart," and the aforementioned "This My Inheritance" ranks high on the list as well. Though I found myself slightly irritated by some very minor annoyances (like the way the two pronounce some words here and there...I said minor!), Poets & Saints is still a strong effort. All Sons & Daughters continues to impress! - 8/25/16, Scott Fryberger of



. Record Label: Integrity Music
. Album length: 10 tracks: 42 minutes, 29 seconds
. Street Date: September 2, 2016
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  1. Heaven Meets Earth (4:24)
  2. I Surrender (4:14)
  3. Path Of Sorrow (4:28)
  4. My Roving Heart (3:11)
  5. This My Inheritance (3:58)
  6. You Are Love And Love Alone (4:35)
  7. I Wait (4:06)
  8. Rest In You (5:04)
  9. You Hold It All Together (4:42)
  10. Creation Sings (3:51)


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