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Sent By Ravens
Sent By Ravens EP

Artist Info: Discography
Album length: 5 tracks
Street Date: March 12, 2007

Sent By Ravens was a five-piece alternative rock group with metalcore and hard rock leanings from South Carolina. Comparable bands are Emery and Akissforjersey. This first, independently released EP, though not without problems, is for sure worth a listen.

Album rockers "Killing the Faith" and "Own Your Own Escape" open the album, showcasing the heavier side of SBR. Both feature fast, driving guitar work from Andy and JJ, pounding drumwork, and great vocals from Zach. When it's heard, the bass is really good as well. "Modern Day Mary" and "Burning by Night" are alternative rock tracks. The former has great vocals and showcases that SBR can still rock, even if it isn't necessarily heavy; the latter features some great guitar work, even some classical guitar at one point, that is truly enjoyable. The drums are also showcased well. "Selah," the one ballad on the EP, doesn't fair quite as well. It's very lengthy, for one, and is a little boring.

Pros of the album include the driving energy of the band: you can tell they love what they do, with maybe the exception of "Selah." Zach's vocals are great, sounding similar to Akissforjersey's vocalist, both singing and screaming. Screaming isn't essential to the band, after all, only two tracks feature screaming, but it is present, and Zach pulls it off perfectly. The dual guitarwork from Andy and JJ is awesome, especially showcased on the second track, "Own Your Own Escape." I do also enjoy the drum work. There isn't a whole lot of variety, but the classical guitar used on "Burning By Night" is a cool touch, as well as the strange-sounding intro to "Modern Day Mary." The biggest con would have to be the weaker production quality. There is the occasional popping and cracking, and sometimes the instruments can drown out Zach's vocals, and vice versa. Also, the two harder tracks can sound the same after a few listens, with the production muffling the sound, thus affecting quality.

Lyrically, the lyrics remind me of Red's and Emery's, with a little Disciple thrown in. The heavier tracks speak of sticking close to your faith through hard times and not giving up during trials, which remind me of Red. As for Emery, both "Selah" and "Modern Day Mary" remind me of something they would write. Though not fully Disciple, since it's not as militant, the willingness to stand for faith no matter what on "Burning By Night" reminds me of something Disciple would write for sure. Zach was the main lyricist of the group, and though not profound, he is a great songwriter. Finally, I would recommend this album to fans of Emery, Akissforjersey, and Red, or to anyone who likes alternative rock with a kick.

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. Record Label: None
. Album length: 5 tracks
. Street Date: March 12, 2007
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It:

  1. Killing the Faith (4:27)
  2. Own Your Own Escape (4:20)
  3. Modern Day Mary (4:41)
  4. Selah (5:29)
  5. Burning By Night (3:10)


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