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Top 100 Tooth & Nail Albums of All Time

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#29. Dead Poetic
New Medicines

Release Date: June 28, 2004

I wanted to like Dead Poetic's Four-Wall Blackmail, but I just could never quite get into the album. A friend had introduced me to it and I was excited that he was into a Christian band. That want lead me to picking up New Medicines when it released. I am still so very thankful to this day. From the opening of "Taste the Red Hands" through the closing of "A Hoax to Live For," this album is a phenomenal ride that never really settles down -- until the acoustic hidden track at the very end. For me, "Taste the Red Hands," "Molotov," "Glass in the Trees," and "Modern Morbid Prophecies" lead a stellar track listing. This album still holds up incredibly well today, and when I listen now, it's not nostalgia that gets me through. Dead Poetic released three very different albums, but New Medicines easily stands at the top -- it's a personal top-five Tooth & Nail album, and I was so stoked to be able to grab it on vinyl this year. If you missed this album 14 years ago, I strongly urge you to give it a listen...or ten.
        - Michael Weaver

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  • Top 100 Tooth & Nail Albums of All Time

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