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Beautiful Rejection

Album length: 7 tracks
Style: Hip Hop / Rap
Street Date: September 24, 2021
Official Site:
Buy It: iTunes

Elohin's website URL is named "NotYourAverageRapper" and he's been doing his best to prove this point. Beautiful Rejection is his third album in as many years and fourth in five years. Not only has he improved since his 2017 release, but he's been consistent. He's also able to switch between modern hip-hop sounds, classic boom bap, and more R&B and jazz-centric vibes. Right off the top, "Good Enough" (featuring Aaron Patterson and Amber Ramsey) get things started in such a great way. The song, the message, and the flow are all on point. It's an excellent sounding track that kicks things off on a positive note. A couple of tracks later and "Freedom" comes in, and (perhaps) surpasses the opener. The music and beat have a super chill vibe, but Elohin's flow is fast and tight here. The horns in the background also add a nice touch and really set the musical side off. Lyrically, this one hits hard too. Elohin raps, "Speaking wisdom I'm determined to beat the system. Tellin' these people to back up off me, 'You ain't takin' away my freedom.' Tell 'em that we ain't no slaves; we breakin' up out of them chains. Used to be on them plantations, but now they enslave us inside of the brain. We keep on saying, 'We want something different,' but we keep on doing the same. Strength in numbers and strength in change. Strength in Christ, call on His name." From here, Elohin continues to spit truth as he breaks down judgements and stereotypes in races and religion on "Just Because."

There honestly isn't a bad song on this release, but the songs highlighted above are special. Whether it be the lead single, "Stay Humble," the boom bap inspired "I Don't Hear You," or the Glory Shalom featured closer, "My God," there really isn't a skippable track here. Elohin is clearly putting in the work, honing his craft, and bringing a strong and truthful message. He's cutting through a lot of nonsense and being extremely honest with his raps. Musically, the project is diverse, but cohesive. Elohin touches on a few different styles here, but puts it all together in a package that makes complete sense. While Beautiful Rejection is more EP than album (7 total tracks with 6 actual songs), it's a nice taste that leaves the listener wanting the next project. The intro track, a spoken word focusing on God's acceptance over human rejection, speaks to the theme of the entire project. Beautiful Rejection is another impressive work from Elohin and one hip-hop and rap fans should give a listen to as soon as possible. There's a lot to love here and this one will definitely spend some time in rotation. For me personally, this is the best hip-hop release of 2021.

- Review date: 10/22/21, written by Michael Weaver of

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. Record Label: Lon C. Harris / Cf Entertainment
. Album length: 7 tracks
. Street Date: September 24, 2021
. Buy It: iTunes
. Buy It: AmazonMP3

  1. Beautiful Rejection (Intro) (0:51)
  2. Good Enough (feat. Aaron Patterson & Amber Ramsey) (4:14)
  3. Stay Humble (2:30)
  4. Freedom (Radio Version) (2:35)
  5. I Don't Hear You (2:52)
  6. Just Because (3:20)
  7. My God (feat. Glory Shalom) (3:04)




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