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08. Sorry

by Critical Mass


You tell us that you're sad
That you hate your mom and dad
Were we there enough
When your life got tough
To get you through the rough?
While your mom would spoil
I let frustration boil
Didn't act as one
We both let you down
The harm can't be undone
You say that our regret
Can't help you to forget
You say you need to leave
Our words you won't believe
And our love you won't receive
We're sorry

No way to push rewind
Clear the memories left behind
No guide to raise you all
Didn't answer the call
We simply let you fall
Precious moments passed
We pray the scars won't last
Sorry's an empty word
Floats away unheard
But we keep trying undeterred

I pray that in the end
You will comprehend
Then you'll start to live
Maybe you'll forgive
Yet perhaps not while I live

Behind the Song:
Children are the casualties of divorce. This song is an apology from both parents to the children. It acknowledges that as human beings, we are flawed, and neither parent is perfect. With parental alienation, it is possible that some children will never have a relationship with the targeted parent. However, at the end of time, Truth will be revealed. My faith is that our time here on earth is but a blip, and our hope is in the Eternal. If your children are alienated from you here on earth, I believe they will know the truth in heaven. Be patient and steadfast in your hope.
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