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Listen to the new album, United, from the Newsboys!

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04. Take This Thorn

by Jerry Akin


A war is going on, and I only brought a stone.
Iím no match for the army of my sin.
I believe the spirit wills it,
but the flesh could kill it.
Like tissue, I have worn myself thin.
Iím no good with a sword,
Where are you, O my Lord?
Iíve fought for far too long on my own.
The hours quickly pass,
The sun is sinking fast
The shadows on my heart are growing long.

So take this thorn from my side
I canít bare it anymore
Iím not strong enough to overcome.
But if youíre thinking with this thorn I must abide,
Then go ahead and show me how to die.

I can feel this burden tug in this canyon that I dug.
My crying only echoes off the wall.
Rocks like razors lie ahead
On the path by which I tread,
I stumble but I don't know how to fall.
I journey through the night with the lack of any light
Youíd think Iíd know this road and where it leads.
After all Iíve made the same wrong turn so many times,
But still I end up here on my knees

(Repeat chorus)

What else can I do, but to set my heart on you,
And rest within your presence,
where all things are made new?
So let the rain common down,
And your Spirit soak the ground.
Sometimes in the valley
Fertile soul is found.

Now Iím washed
By the power of the Water that rushes over me;
Soaked in love and promises that set me free.
Iím free, like a javabird spreading out its beautiful wings
Flying, fluttering, floating on the hope you gave to me.

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