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02. Forever

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


Hook: Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life go away with you
Forever in my mind only you
The pieces in my life run away with you

Verse 1:
Riding with the fire in the back pack
All black OMG on the snap back
Snap chat to the world what I been through
Dirty money and strippers what I was into
Vent through this microphone I feel alone
You want to ride with the king you donít got a home
Beside this prayer this music it be my therapy
With clarity and I ainít thinking popularity
Sincerity to my listeners I hope they see the vision
I spent a lot of days thinking about a bad decision
Make a living to sell dope or give hope
Trying to shine to the world on this type rope
Iím just trying to make a difference
That when they hear my words they think of a new beginning
Let the lord play Jordan and Iím a be scottie pippen
Use to forty five gripping then I had premonition
No words on a hater like a instrumental
Your life with no cause (cars) homie see thatís just a rental
Everything permissible but aint beneficial
From the streets to the word homie I been Official
But im humble with it / From the streets to the church house they gone feel it
Going hard on the beat like I donít got a limit
Cash Carter the alias but this aint a gimmick
Been cash been fast I been real
Seventeen years old with a gold grill
Hit licks and took pics and made flicks(Movies)
But I couldnít hold together had to get a grip
Now im living for the word and it aint all talk its verbs
Through my struggle I just think about the birds
And I Just listen to the word

Verse 2:
As a artist today if I walk up in the night club
Guaranteed that im getting artificial love
Its all fake its bout cake it aint real
I donít miss a thing I Donít even miss a little
Im a keep it real every day im in the struggle
I think about the past use to get it off the muscle
Sometimes I wish the lord will let me hustle
I talk a lot sometimes I need a muzzle
Im at the light with dope on me and credit cards
German 9 on my lap see I was going hard
If they smell the whip then they can search it with a cause
Before I Found God I was praying to the stars
I Aint perfect at all/ sometimes I do somethings that wasnít worth it at all
I hurt a lot of people that aint deserve it at all
And im a keep it real aint have no purpose at all
Im just trying to get my life straight
Lost site of the world Im living by faith
And when I Sin sometimes im feeling real fake
I came a long way from when I had my .38
Hustle all day with some motives
No more road trips in the Toyotas
No more pull outs I donít put in no Infos
No designer I donít care for no clothes
Money Making youngin had to keep it on the low
Did it for my son but really did it for the show
Now I care for women I donít care for the dough
I donít really care if the music never blow
Life is a movie I just thought that you should know
Forever on my Mind even when Im on the go

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