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03. Stories

Flashing Lights
by Rio_24K


Cooling in my Dawg Room thinking about how im a be winning me a award soon
Wasnít born with a silver spoon so I had to get up and get it living with war wounds
I got a 100 stories like old folks use to chilling with them heads and let the game soak
Treat the homies like my kin folk
Roger that homie 10/4
Verse 1:
Every day was pressure when I hit the block
Said a prayer and load the fire preferably the glock
Looking at the time I wonder when itís gone change
Donít nobody want a piece they want the whole thang
Seen my brother leave the streets steve done walked away
But I ainít tripping boy im in it ima ball today
Trying to get this cream feeling yeah im getting cake
Aint thinking about no roman noodles boy itís time for steak
Florida living but the mind set in a different state
Make a million I was grinding for a bigger plate
Now im in it shake the game its off the richter scale
How they treat you in the hood its like you meant to fail
Like you meant for hell hustle then you sent too jai
Retrospective thinking knowing I was meant for hell
God fearing but tell you the truth I couldnít tell
Im in the back of the class I just couldnít excel
Benihana Dreams get it out the kitchen
Look at the man in the mirror he got a different vision
As the pitcher get clearer I start to lose feeling
I hope my stories change the world man its lord willing
Verse 2:
14 in my pocket got me a ounce of dro
Bizzy left it in my pants he will never know
Sold it for the low 3 just for the nickel bag
Showed the homies around the school you know I love to brag
Teachers talking about me say I wonít amount to nothing
But seeing Kerb get it in man im down for stunting
And be a G like im sweets man im down for bussing
And if them people pull me Over I aint saying nothing
Got them twins with me boy you know we going cray
Playing grand theft auto I love to use the K
They said I needed boot camp when I was at the K
Just trying to be them older boys from around the way
U.P 4th ave
Now its S.P they use to call me cash
Turn my back on the hood o homie never that
I just found me something good that Iím better at

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