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02. Pride (Alone Again) [feat. Dondi Iannucci & Aowl Owen]

Notti Insonni (Sleepless Nights)
by Illtalian



Iím alone again/

Just this vicious cycle and me/

Sitting in the dark/

Wishing these walls could speak/

And tell me things will get better/

Tell me anything at all/

How did I end up here?

How did I end up alone?

Verse 1

I wanna be the best, the best of all time/

I, wanna make you cry with my rhymes, as I blow your mind/

I want you to hate me, because you canít escape me/

Realize that you canít take me, cuz I am overtaking/

The game and itís plain, Iím insane, and Iím a beast/

On these beat so you see, that I have been unleashed/

And just Iím so angry, like all of the time/

I spit a venomous verse, yeah I rip rhymes/

Wanna leave these emcees as empty as I am/

Wanna destroy the whole world, just because I can/

And you will never stop me, yeah thatís right Iím cocky/

I am original, and the rest of yíall are copies/

My heart is frosty, my soul is ice cold/

I know I look young, but Iím a thousand years old/

When youíre this great you do not need friends/

So why should I care if Iím alone again?


Verse 2

Now it is my intention, that when my name is mentioned/

In a negative sense, then kids will get detention/

Adults will get arrested, and populations tested/

To ensure that they love me for I will be respected/

You see I fear rejection, I cannot tolerate it/

And I will never rest in peace till Iím appreciated/

I swear Iíll tear down anybody whoís above me/

So if I spare you, count yourself lucky/

Iíll only say this once, so make sure you listen/

Greatness is my mission, Iím burning up with ambition/

And I am so afraid that Iíll wake up in twenty years/

With an average job, an average wife, and average kids/

Feeling trapped cuz I failed at rap, but screw that/

Chip on my shoulder? Ha, more like the whole bag/

I want to be remembered, but I fear becoming nothing/

My heart is so ugly, how could God love me?


Verse 3

I wrestle with myself literally every day/

It feels like I canít win but I fight anyway/

Iím disposed to arrogance, try to stay humble/

But all this trash comes out, every time I stumble/

My heart is filled with rage, itís time for me to quit/

And give it all to God, so He can handle it/

Iím tired of being tired, sick of being sick/

I swear that Imma explode, like tick, tickÖ

If thereís any hope it ainít with me/

My only hope is that Christ can love me eternally/

Because Iím so lost, but He paid the cost/

He wrote the check in blood, and He cashed it on the Cross/

And Iím just blown away, by this amazing grace/

Heís heard my hate filled heart, but He loves me anyway?

In the face of that, I think I finally know/

If I have Christ in my life, I'll never be alone.

(Chorus x2)

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