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03. Fade Away (feat. Jon Jon Obiano of Paradox Lockdown)

Notti Insonni (Sleepless Nights)
by Illtalian


Verse 1

Wake up in the morning, I can see my hands shaking/
I can't find the aspirin, man my heads aching/
I feel nervous and I don't why/
I just woke up, but I want to cry/
To scream, to run, to leave this place/
To do anything else but face the day/
It's an anxiety attack, I know it well/
I've had enough that I can tell/
When it starts, and man has it started/
It feels like all my courage has suddenly departed/
Broken hearted, lyin on the floor/
Some days I don't wanna face life no more/
And nobody talks about this stuff in their songs/
They just ignore it and try to pretend like nothing's wrong/
But not me, one more day and I might crack/
Just another day ruined by anxiety attacks/

Now I canít breathe
Take this curse away from me
I think I need a magical remedy
A little something more to help me sleep
I have nothing left to hide
Let this hell-storm pass me by
Thereís nothing else that I can say
I wish this day would fade away

Verse 2
There's a cramp in my mouth and my jaw feels tight/
The doctor says I'm grinding my teeth at night/
And if I don't stop there's gonna be damage/
Man it's, kinda crazy, I didn't plan it/
To be this way, I need to pray/
But honestly God seems far away/
Iíve battled with anxiety for most of my life/
And these have left scars that I see still at night/
As a kid I used to have break downs/
Every day, and I donít know how/
I ever dealt with it, I can still remember/
Throwing up each morning in December/
I couldnít cope with the crushing fears in my mind/
So every day before class, in my room Iíd cry/
And each night I would always pray/
That maybe this time I could just fade away/


Verse 3
On the outside now Iím as calm as can be/
Iíve learned to keep my feelings only to me/
And that's a problem, I'm at rock bottom/
I'm Bruce Wayne and this world is Gotham/
But whatís awesome is that I found hope/
I finally realized at the end of my rope/
That the only two places where I feel at peace/
Is on the stage, and at Jesus' feet/
So even though sometimes God feels distant/
I remind myself that I'm still Christian/
It ain't about feeling, it's about faith/
And I can be brave till this fear fades away/ (x2)


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