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08. Cross The Line

Rock What You Got
by Superchick


Follow the leader, stay in the lines
What will people think of what youíve done this time?
Go with the crowd, surely somebody knows
Why weíre all wearing the emperorís clothes
Play it safe, play by the rules
Or donít play at all Ė what if you lose?
Thatís not the secret, but I know what is:
Everybody dies but not everyone lives

Iím gonna ride like Iíve got the cops on my tail
Iím gonna live my life like Iím out on bail
Iím gonna be out front, gonna blaze a trail
Iím gonna cross that line

Everybody freeze Ė donít step over the line
Donít stand up, theyíll shoot down the first one who tries
Try to change the world, theyíll think youíre out of your mind
Revolutions start when someone crosses the line
They want us to lie down, give into the lie
Nothing has to change, and no one has to die
Thatís not the secret, but I know what is:
Everybody dies, but not everyone lives

Behind the Song:
"In ďIron Man,Ē Yinsen saves fellow prisoner Tony Starkís life twice. The first time Tony is brought in, wounded Yinsen operates on him to save him. The second time, Yinsen fights the guards, knowing it will cost him his life to buy Tony enough time to complete the iron man suit. As Yinsen lies dying, Tony says to him, ďThank you for saving my life,Ē and Yinsen replies, ďDonít waste it.Ē

Moby wrote a letter to some of us who had worked on a Christian dance album and rightfully took us to task for being derivative and boring. He writes, ďI want us to live and create boldly. If Christ had not lived boldly, he would be known for his ability with a hammer, not his willingness to be hammered to a cross.Ē

If we truly believe that someone died on a cross to save us, do the lives we live reflect that gift?" - Max Hsu (Superchick)




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