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08. Precious Time

Excuse Me
by Kaboose


Verse 1:
Weíre stuck in a place where life rotates backwards
No method to the madness makes your heart pump faster
We're a hop, skip and a jump from disaster
Left with dreams and visions yet to be captured
Some wait for the lottery, others wait for the Rapture
We accept mediocrity and give up on green pastures
Used to have a passion, a plan to execute
But now we have a broken vehicle left with no fuel
Too lazy to do what it takes maybe scared of success
We sabotage opportunities and settle for less
The progress is obvious when youíre not moving
So we exaggerate to make sense of this illusion

Time is of the essence, essence is the time
You could make the most or just let it pass by
It comes and goes in every blink of an eye
Every moment is precious, precious time

Verse 2:
I was afraid to fail cause confidence was my enemy
I chose the background not the narrow road to destiny
I missed a lot of chances to find the right recipe
What does it take to reload the right weaponry?
We're hungry inside but not willing to hunt for it
We wallow in regrets and never entered the forest
Left with no porridge, just a bowl of pity and shame
Stuck with our reflection and no one to blame
Trying to maintain and hope for possible gain
That option is strange if we're not ready for change
Cause the world keeps spinning and waits for no one
Excuses are useless and never gets it done

Verse 3:
I see the sunshine over the horizon
It's a constant journey, Iím still climbing
Finding out more about myself
And all the days Iíve wasted sitting on this couch
See we have good intentions but end up sub par
Another chance to advance and get far
Itís up to you to touch the stars and shine bright
See the potential like you're walking in the limelight
Cause hindsight is such a beautiful thing
To finally see what it took to reach your dreams
Cause nobody knows the things that you possess
You hold the key to unlock your success
You gotta open the door of opportunity, jump on it
Itís up to you to make the choice if you want it




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