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09. Simply Broken Down

Excuse Me
by Kaboose


Verse 1:
Iím tired of single parents trying to raise their kids
Most donít even know what a father is
Cause they didnít have one and now their children are the same
That's the cycle of life where someone gets blamed
For the problem but no one's willing to fix it
We all want sex but canít handle what goes with it
First it was love, and then a skipped marriage
Up to the point of a baby in a carriage
But now love is lost and you feel so trapped, so what is it?
Let's take time and get specific
You lent a helping hand for the pleasures of flesh
But when the baby came, thatís when you left
So maybe it was just lust to begin with
Which led to a broken promise where trust was ended
Cause it happened so quick, both parties were stunned
With only one option and that was to run

Itís just another broken home and thatís how we treat it
A broken relationship thatís been deleted
A broken marriage with some broken kids
Simply broken down and this is how it is

Verse 2:
Love is a funny thing like unsolved mysteries
Which seems to end in assault or injury
Whether itís mentally or physically cause we donít treat it right
Or even seem to understand
If we canít control our pants then we canít advance
Now some base love just upon attraction
But then find out this puzzleís not matching
Cause we get brought back into introspect
We forgot to interject our intellect and come correct
Yo we started backwards with a child then a house
Along came a marriage, now hereís your spouse
And the funny thing is all that you know
Is the body that remains underneath the clothes
Never took the time to build and get to know your partner
Cause honesty that would take you farther
And speaking up for what you believe in


Verse 3:
I see young ones with tears in their eyes
Ashamed and feel blamed as every second dies
Children get stuck wondering why
"Is it my fault, is it something I did?
I donít understand this house that Iím in
I feel so alone and so hopeless
Where did you go, Dad? Iím so broken
Was I a mistake you canít take back?"
"Where did you go, Mom? You left me with Dad"
"Or maybe you're both here and Iím invisible
Iím crying out, this is so critical
I need love even if itís minimal"
Itís despicable how they're treated
Cheated from true love through a marriage deleted
Thatís the facts of life that we canít change
We need to be responsible for the choices we make





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