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04. Starbucks Takes All My Money

The Missing Pages
by KJ-52


Starbucks takes all my money
Redbull takes all my money
caffeine takes all my money
that junk aint funny
Starbucks takes all my money
Redbull takes all my money
that junk aint funny
caffeine takes all my money

ooh wee my head is hurting
so early my eyes is burning
one thing I need thatís working
caffeine I need for certain
(what you gotta get) coffee purchase
will I shake like Iím getting nervous
Grande that would be so perfect
latte thatís right you heard me
what you doing man hurry
stop talking you too wordy
now give me that junk then serve me
fill it up with the stuff that Iím yearning
now put it up in a cup then squirt it
with a pump of vanilla then serve it
what makes you the judge and jury
itís the 4th cup you think Iím worried

they say that Iím a fiend yo
I drink 13 cappucinoís
handfuls of coffee beans so
gonna pop em with a frappucino
I donít know but itís time for the reload
so I head down to the street to the next road
till I see that logo lets roll
drink coffee till my head gone explode
pull up like real slow
while Iím shaking and feeling a mess bro
cuz ya see I aint like the rest folks
kind of nuts without my espresso
my hearts pounding deep in the chest woah
they ground up the beans the best so
10 cups that means one thing though
I aint gonna sleep lets roll!

they say that I should chill
right now well man I just feel
heart running like Iím on a treadmill
all of sudden I donít want stand still
whyís it strange
whyís everyone kind of amazed
havenít tried to sleep for 3 days
they think that my minds in a daze
walk in and they kind of just gaze
they like Kj you okay?
saw me rolling down the highway
screaming out ok out of the way
donít know man what Iím gone say
donít worry man I think Iím ok
starting now well I think Iím gone change
who ordered starbucks hey

Produced by: kj52 Written by: (J. Sorrentino)




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