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06. Push Up Remix (ft. Sev Statick)

The Missing Pages
by KJ-52


Push up a 5 push up a 2
push em up high this is what you do ya
Push up a 5 push up a 2
(this aint about me this about you)
Push up a 5 push up a 2
push em up high this is what you do ya
Push up a 5 push up a 2
(this aint about kj itís about you)

(they said) now whos this kid on the mic man
he tall and skinny kind of like a mic stand
he the rapper? I thought he was the hype man
I heard the laughter like every single night man
but he said go out there and be a light man
it aint about you itís about now who I am
if they clown you just remember I can
always guide you in to land like a flight plan
they said why you trying to rhyme man
go ahead wonít you step it to the side man
the rock bands they played the other night then
started throwing junk at me like a fight fan
but he said he said hold ya head high man
they donít reject you they just reject my plan
they say you canít but I say that I can
as long as you just put it all in my hand

they said im from the wrong side of the map
the wrong side of the tracks a long time they would laugh
they told me that along side of my raps
they go right in the trash and donít try to come back
he said he said Iím right besides you
even when they said aint nobody ever sign you
when your lost Ill forever find you
never let em blind you cause they all been lied to
they said just realize this
that ya too high pitched and with two lines in
they gonna shut you off with two rhymes man
take your two size 10ís throw ya 2 towels in
he said no matter how much theyíve tried you
Iím with you walking now right besides you
everything that you do that you fight through
Iíve sent you follow me Iím beside you

(sev statik)

Itís not safe to be alone in the place
it takes two something like you Rob base
haste makes waste when you procrastinate
move on the one one time to raise
awareness to the fact that we should all wear this
talking about a righteous breastplate
I like to press play when Iím in it to hear a new sound
we take it all up break it all dowwwwwnnnnnnÖ
aint no reason to fear he came to give a sword for us to battle right here
trust we gone live when weíre called to breath
lungs out hands up you can call for free
itís the body up in the place who are your friends
yo we fresh to death kid smoothing the brim
sev statik and kj let the record spin
we did it before we gone do it again..

Produced by: kj52 Written by: (J. Sorrentino, J. Evans




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