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01. Rebel Intro

by Lecrae


(Rebel) I'm in rebellion

Jesus was a rebel, a renegade, outlaw
A sanctified troublemaker, but He never sinned, naw
And He lived His life by a different set of rules
The culture ain't approve, so you know they had they had to bruise Him
That's the way they do, man, they swear they so gangsta
But everyone's the same, everybody do the same stuff
Tattoos, piercings, smokin' up and drinkin'
Money and sex plus them extravagant weekends
Man if that's the high life, I'll puff puff pass tha
You leave evaporated like missin' a gas cap
I guess I'm passed that, I'm in rebellion
I'd rather have a dollar in my pocket than a million
I'm scared to worship money and my wants over Elyon
I'll remain a rebel while the rest of them just carry on
This is what I live for, this the hill I'm buried on
If Jesus is the truth, that means one of us is very wrong
Think about it


No glory in me, all glories to the King on the throne
You either love Him or leave Him alone
But you can't do both, yeah, I know you heard that once in song
I pray you hear 10 more 'fore ya gone, yeah listen up, homes
The stage is my corner and my crowd is the streets
That's why I rap the bread of life cause they dyin' to eat
I'm a rebel, you know the kind that die in the street
Cause you refuse to conform, won't eat the king's meat
Christ rebelled by shunning the culture
He eatin' with sinners, givin' Pharisees ulcers
He never got married, He was broke and plus homeless
Yeah that's the God I roll with
Ya boy gotta wife and no I never cheated
I'm prayin' for humility whenever I get heated
Forget about the drugs, rebel against pornography
This ain't how it oughta be, homie, it's how it's gotta be
A rebel





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