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06. Leave It In The Valley

by Mandisa


I got your message on the phone so tell me whatís going on?
You say your day started so great and then it went so wrong
No one ever plans for the bad days, do they, no
But I am here if youíre needing a friend

Hey, donít give up tonight
I know youíre going through the valley, but youíre gonna make it out alright
Hey, tell your troubles goodbye
Go on and leave it in the valley, leave it in the valley tonight

So you think He donít know what Heís doing
You think He ainít by your side
Well, God knows when youíre broken
And Heís loving you, Heís holding you so, so tight

So let the rain fall Heíll be standing there getting wet with you
You might get cold but you wonít be there alone


And when youíre hanging by a thread hold on
You know the darkest part is right before the dawn
So when your fear has worn you out
Feels like the sky is on the ground
He ainít gonna let you down
Heíll never let you down


(Psalm 23:4, John 16:33)

Behind the Song:
ďLeave It In the ValleyĒ is, itís an encouraging song for people to let them know no matter what youíre going through that Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil and so I think people need to recognize that in these times where things can be very difficult, that we serve a God who promises that if we would yoke ourselves with Him that He would make our burdens easy and light and so itís just a song encouraging people that no matter what youíre going through just leave it in the valley." - Mandisa




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