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03. Burn It Down

Sex, Drugs And Self-Control
by John Reuben


burn it down build it back/itís bound to crash/stand back watch it collapse/letís start from scratch/my big
brotherís hip with a pager/package of razors/shaved my face warm water dull blade/peach fuzz black
becoming of age/formed an opinion joined in the conversation/think on your own why you still got the
motivation/smell it on our breath/young-ins want to have fun/package of cinnamon gum/johnny reubonic
fresh off the tongue/old school hip hop/Adidas and tube socks/boom box in the boon docks/harass
rednecks bump the cops/down by the creek/philosophical potheads/just say no just a guess/had the
opposite effect/we made plans to be genius nomads/put a spare pair of boxer shorts in my book
bag/found God called him friend/my plans changed again/went crazy lost my mind/felt peace in
desperate times/convinced Iím not confused/followed the truth without proof/went looking for
absolutes/rediscovered a new found youth/package of matches/happy accidents/dancing on ashes in
the basement when the roof caves in/starting over gaining closure/this is not the end /but the beginning
of something better/letís pretend/

All songs written by John Reuben Zappin and Seth Earnest © 2009 Emack Music / 240 Lb Music (ASCAP) - Admin by Emack Music, Pulp Says Please Music (ASCAP), Admin by Fun Attic Music




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