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01. Chalk Outline

The Gun Show
by Heath McNease


Look at that chalk outline
Where the opening band was at
Well could you draw out mine?
Cuz they don't look like fans of rap
I feel loose, lean, fresh, and clean
High hopes, low self-esteem
And everybody needs a little rescuing
Enter the next-best-thing to the next-best-thing
Trusty Converse shoes cover the tube socks
Fashionista do's make it a do not
The room's hot but, really the room's not
It's the response of the technicolored tube top
Blackest sheep at the sheep convention
I lead cuz they only see in three dimensions
Truthfully I'm too much of a freak to fence in
And you could be the reason why I leap these fences
Biproduct of a nice sonnet, iconic
I kinda got it like I want it and I want it now
Fly sonic, bionic, tiger eye on it
I promise I'ma wanna rock it until you shut it down
But everybody's throwin' canned goods
Duck and dodge more bottles than a man should
Mutiny, it does a number on the manhood
Exit stage left is now the plan...good

Nobody oughta live this way
Up all night and I sleep all day
Roll over when it's time to play
God said rock star and I said ok
Nobody oughta live like this
Internet fan mail sealed with a kiss
Royalty checks for thirteen cents
I wanna pay dues but I can't pay rent

1, 2, 3 and to the 4
Heath McNease is asleep on your floor
Broke in the front door with blunt force
And uncorked door lock dumped on your porch
Don't arrest me, instead, let me invest
Who's interested in breakfast in bed?
French toast plus an acoustic ballad
Then folks I serve soup and salad
Pinto, but insurance is valid
Quid pro quo insuring my housing
Scratch my back I'll scratch a thousand
Tickets, splittin' the riches I'm coming out with
Make a dollar out of eighteen cents
In a coma on the carpeting to save me rent
Sorry you're the victims
But it's better then to beg for forgiveness than get your permission
Who put the no fun in I got no funds?
Harlem Shogun, arson's so fun
Grand larceny, varsity squad
Man, parts of me heart to be caught

Produced by Playdough




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