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04. Nerd Out (12 Point Power Sword)

The Gun Show
by Heath McNease


Better put the word out
Get ready for the nerd out
Better put specs on
Better break necks, son
I cut some handsome checks
For my expansion sets
They call me Obi-Wan
Act like you know me, son

Snappin' necks, cashin' checks
Ring tone rap ya to death
So easy to be so easy e with my chuchs and immaculate vest
My shrine to Peter Jackson
I like New Zealand accents
Watch me change my last name from McNease to freakin' Baggins
You keep your hands off Gandalf
No there's no prance off, dance off
Just members only jackets and gadgets we use for magic
I like your liger binder
I got Michael on vinyl
My girl Lafawnduh knows I wanna be a cage fighter

Ya'll it's on
Toss the baton
Comic Con with a costume on
Dressed just like Lord Zedd
Yeah, Zordon you're all dead
So James T. Kirk, it hurts me
U.S.S. girlies kirtsy
Klingon ladies cling on, baby
My phaser's on safety
Fitted with a stick for quittage
No I never stole that snitch
Got acquitted
R.I.P Cedric Diggory
Looks like Edward's bigger, b
I got my Twillight night light
Twelve-sided die for my fight night
King of the RPG
Boots of escape and a cardigan, peace!

Heath: Ok, so.. so donít get me wrong, I love Peter Jackson I already said that.
Girl: Not this again.. not this again..
Heath: And I think that the Lord of the Rings trilogy was the greatest 3 movies ever made but..
Girl: This is ridiculous.
Heath: ...I think it stinks, it really cheeses me off that Tom Bobbadil wasnít in the Fellowship of the Ring at all...
Girl: Such a nerd..
Heath: ...and I think itís important because he wasn't
Girl: Iím gonna shoot myself
Heath: ...enticed by the ring, like he put the ring on...
Girl: Heath, Heath, No..
Heath: he didnít disappear and when Frodo put the ring on...
Girl: Heath. Stop. Heath.. Heath
Heath: ...he could still see him, like it didnít matter to him. Am I the only one that gets that?
Girl: Heath, I think we should see other people

Produced by Heath McNease and Davey Rockit




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