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14. Zion

The Gun Show
by Heath McNease


Zion, you are always on my mind and I want
A family reunion in the sky in due time
Zion, I march in time with loved ones towards you, I want
You to greet me with your arms wide open and open them wide

Romans' road is full of these potholes and the plot grows and it thickens
And we're all frozen and smitten like we all chose to be victims
But the wall shows me what's written, I was measured and weighed and I missed it
Found wanting, discarded, and distant, ain't resorted to carving my wrist yet
But I've been tempted, sin sets in this infection
Friends step when this gets desperate
Wind spring when my skin's leprous
Left dead by my kindred when my said kindred said
'Listen, let's live this instead of this recklessness, listless trek'
Guessing it's just us now, the lepers that stuck this out
No sign of a faux family, we're pumping the same blood now
Nothing but up now, now we struck out
To see what clouds we can touch now
Well it's under the blood now

What can I say, what can I say
Better is one day, better is one day

Alongside Babylon's river we sat on the frozen, ice cold banks
We wept and we cried and we cried "Remember the sweet good old days?"
Alongside the blackened and crackling ash, we stacked our breaking heart
Weeping profusely besides ourselves we stacked our unplayed heart
That's when the cappers demanded a song
Sarcastic and mocking and egging us on
"Sing us a ballad, the valor you speak of
The banner you preach of, the song of Zion"
Oh how can we ever sing God's song in this wasteland?
In your face, man
If I ever forget you, Jerusalem, lose me in quicksand
Well I just can't
My fingers, they wither and fall like ash
My tongue be swollen and then turned black
If I fail to remember you, Zion
My lion, my pride, the spine on my back
God, remember those Edomites now
Remember they ruined Jerusalem's walls
Remember they yelled out "Let's smash it to pieces
Let's work it completely, Jerusalem fall!"
Babylonian unholy ones
Raiders and savages ravage and hunt
Lord, a reward to whoever gets back at them
For the crime and all that they've done
The city of David where Israel walks
Solomon's temple of Zion, I talk
Yes a reward to the one who grabs Babylon's babies
To go smash their heads on the rocks

Produced by Heath McNease and Don Chaffer




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