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09. I Never Got To See The West Coast

We Do What We Want
by Emery


So is it courage or strength and is that what Iím waiting for
If I could just kill myself, would it also kill the remorse
I wanted so badly, to catch a break but Iím only breaking down
Iím still here and standing but if itís up to me I donít think
Iíll be hanging around

The drink slips down my throat and the burn cures nice and slow
All the worst parts I wouldnít want you to see.
The only parts left of me and now here I am
Just a kid without a better plan
But itís the simple thoughts that haunt me the most
I never got to see the west coast

Spend my nights just asking
Why would God let me become like this
Was it a joke from the start
Was I supposed to laugh more at it
And everyoneís quoting their teachers and preachers but their words make me feel so alone
No one ever says that theyíve had those thoughts in the middle of the night
No ever admits that they wanted to take their life

But itís the life I dreamed Iíd have
The love I would find in my grasp
The words I could share with someone

Those thought keep the breath in my lungs
That tomorrow my hope will become
Fulfilled by a love that canít be undone
And save a wretch like me

So if the drink slips down your throat
And the burn cures nice and slow
All the worst parts you wouldnít want me to see
The same parts I have in me
Now this scares me too,
We are both this way, I feel just like you do
But when youíre by yourself you should know
One day we gotta see the west coast




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