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Listen to the new single, Out of My Grave, by The War Within!

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11. Ice Cream Truck

High Wire Act
by CY


1st verse
Circlin the block/ my fourth trip around/
workin with a knock, knockin on ya door with a pound/ (Blaao)
I beseech you and greet you folks musical sweet tooth for sounds/ who want more by the pound/ (Now)

As my store makes rounds/ sellin bars/ near and from afar/ dispatch to all shores and small towns/

This what Iím best at, sellin my craft, the work of my hands is blessed raps, poured from my mouth/

In my private life livin for Christ, livin it right, when I die, Iím lookin forward to the crown/

In the meantime spittin some nice, lyrical rhymes,
for a while I was ignored and underground/

Now Iím known by the crowd, an artist different from the normal sound, Iíve grown by the hour/

My songs sounds like the name of the songs, pronoun, person place or thing end the song with a bow/

Producin music at an excellent standard/ raise the bar/ spend the money it takes. Iím never lookin for a handout/ Willingly invest my money to hands of those I know are pros thatís why my music standout/Ö.(Annointed)

I never try to get by/ and do a album for cheap/
although it might not fly/since on my albums I preach/

katz might not feel what I speak/ But Iíd rather put out one song with good production than an album thatís weak/

Itís time to raise the bar with high aspirations/
my passion is great ta/ rep God is high quality classifications/ (Son)

And praise the God who gave me talents to make it/
and by the way let me stand on this stage and be gracious/

Thatís why worshipin any artist is baseless/
why not focus on the greatness of the God who creates it/

(But Remember) itís still music that we dealin with/
ministry or not if the qualityís bad ears wonít be feelin it/
Overlap-Hearin it/

I was given a gift to rhyme by my maker, I gave it back to him that why my musicís never played out/

nothing like beautiful music creations/ Inspired by the Spirit of truth, it never ever fades out/

Persecuted for bein blunt since I came out/
Jesus was up front, Iím bout to take the same route/

Loud and shout his name out/ (Jesus) Sweeter than Ice cream cones and from the same mouth/ Coldíll putcha flames out/ (MMMMMM)

Itís like a white truck of visual pictures different flavorsíA bars, they Hear me singin from a mile away/(I Scream)

Point to Christ love revealin the scriptures/ in a lyrical system, Hope Yall feelin what I got to say/

Iím alien with a different diction listen close, I was on a diet from Ice cream but not today/ (Hey)

And Iím not to play/ with Iím serious about deliverin my bars when the kids come out to play/ (Yay)

Mix the sugar and the cream/ add cookies to the scene/
Prepare the canvas for the hooks that I sing/

And stand on the Word of God in complete trust for bookings that I need/ to share my music with my peeps/

And hit the streets to serve hoodies and the pheens/
And let the Spirit lead me/ Give the some streets CDís/

Then Hop back in my truck and turn the key(keys)
and seize the next moment write some more words to sheets/ Word to street/




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