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12. Keep It Movin'

High Wire Act
by CY


Dance like a star come on and move ya feet/ Think about God/
and keep it movin, keep it movin, youíll get joy when you do it/

Relax in ya car letcha head bob to the beat/ Feel the groove/
and keep it movin, keep it movin, keep it movin, keep it movin/ (Movin)-sing
T. Stone runnin track like a track star/ dude a beast/

You should see the lab where the tracks are/ (made)
Got rats in a maze, while the music plays, and the mice choose fat or the wack door/ (Heh)
Make a mouse wanna grab more/ sniffin the cheese/

sneak through the trap door/ make another fan from a little sample/ while cats snore/ sleepin on the job like Al gore/ (Tom and Jerry!)

Itís like every single song was tested on animals/ that aint even how we planned it though/

Started off makin nice songs/ talking bout right wrong/, God blessed, now ya need a fan to blow/-low adlib

When I drop this/ Hottness/ got this/ given as Godís gift/

Songs that transform/

What the people wanna hear/ what they let in and outta they ears/ Come on get up on the dance floor and letís move/

2nd verse
Fast like Nascar, movin like a stampede/
Drive in a fly car, move with a mass fleet/

Like ya won a gas card, drivin like gas cheap/
Friends in a good mood smilin in the back seat (haaaa)

Listenin to another fat beat/ (mm)

quench thirst like you in a desert with a cantine, hitíem with a rap sheet, thatís clean, not like regular secular, never full of mans greed/ (Stop beat)

Hitíem with a little rhythm/ (Uh)
Hold hands on the floor get up in the middle/
Like Irish wiggle to a little fiddle/
Feel Joy in ya heart like a little tickle/

Husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend/
Men be a gentlemen spin her in a whirlwind/

Celebrate life, Meditate mind, on the good not the worst and/ move to the verse and/ Dance Like a Star!/

3rd verse
Left, Left, Left Right Left/
hitíem with a little step right there/ with a old school swag/

Do a old school dance and step to the left/ (Yea)

Think about good things/ Livin in the sky, never dyin, and flyin like two wings/ (two wings?)

Who seen/ never got a clue we/ never seen heaven or the new things/

Itís true we/ gotta debut bein/ born in the new/ we gotta stay true B/
Be thankful to God, when things get odd, ask heavenly father to pull strings/ (EEEEEE)

Nine eight seven six five four three two one, everyone letís blast off/

Get cha dance on and letís make it clean work it like a dentist tryna get the plaque off/

So Dance like a starÖ/

Last Chorus: I get joy when I think about. Heaven! Yea Yea Letís move.




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