Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!
Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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01. Identity Crisis Intro

Identity Crisis
by Tedashii


Hey baby, lets get it/
Itís been a minute/but no worries folk Iím still in it/
Iím still with it/I ainít going no where/
Iím a still be standing right here/even if they say they donít care/
Now Whatís Up/(whatís uuuuup)
Hey mane Iíll tell you whatís up/
Man sinned and sinned and in the end now our imageís messed up/
And (and) Identityís damaged/happened all over the planet/
Not lost, but sure is blemished/now how we see is scrambled/
But God,
Being rich, in mercy, gave me living water when he saw that I was thirsty/
And I came (and I came) to the cross (to the cross) for the Lord and it ended my searching/
I was lost (I was lost) in a maze (in a maze) until His amazing grace/ (yeah)
And I got to the truth, and I found out what to do/I need to live by faith/ (yeah)
So Iím a work, like Iím pushing the cane/never giving in or giving up Iím all in this thang/
Giving everything I got, just to see who I am/on the cool lilí buddy, I ainít playing no games/
People trippin and they thinking that they life is straight/
Seeking peace while they saying that their life is great/
Steady looking for the answer with no words to say/
One clue plus proof, itís the Imago Dei,
uh-uuh, the Imago Dei
Imago Dei (8xís repeat)




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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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