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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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02. Work

Identity Crisis
by Tedashii


I Work/and I Press/and I do everything I can just trying to give these folks my best/
I Sweat/and I Grind/I used to try but learned that I canít please these people all the time/
(Repeat 2xís)

Verse 1:
Hey, whatís happening homie/hey, hey, whaitdew mane/
Donít know bout you but Iím working/trying to keep pressing mane/
In life/with rhymes/I fight with people pleasing/
Thatís trife, this time/Iím fighting to please Jesus/
Iím done with it dog/all the lying and masquerading/
The fronting and the faking/I hate it, life feels so vacant/
I used to let Ďem make it/even if it got blatant/
No matter how flagrant, Iíd let it slide like stealing bases/
But now I finally get it/so I aint ever quitting/
I canít be passive, inactive like players thatís been injured/
Far from it/been hurt, been even knocked off my feet/
But Iím in Christ, and I want life like its suppose to be/


Verse 2:
When I ainít know, who I was/everyday I wasted life/
Pagan days of people pleasing cause I wasnít chasing Christ/
Worried bout the he say/she say / Iíd repeat it like a replay/
I was chasing their approval like a runner in a relay/(GO)
I was believing that if I got it/no-doubt itíd be/all good/
But even if I got it/somehow it would/fall through/
I tried to keep standing/living by a weak standard/
Believing even Jesus received me based on my weak merits/
Lies from the pit/lies I wonít forget/
Lies that ruin lives and keep you blind to who you is/
Sinner saved by grace/through faith for Jesus sake/
So what you have count as loss as we press to see His face/


Verse 3:
Every Christians on the track/but are we focused like a scope/
Or are we racing never pacing/are we running to the goal/
Upward (upward) calling (calling)/full in (full in) knowledge (knowledge)/
Nothing hollow/like the lotto/true rewards/from God the Father/
Well we should be/no matter what they say, or even throw at us/
Keep rolling up, and pressing in/and showing folks you rest in Him/
See when itís, all said and done, I wanna, be true in Christ/
I wanna, see fruit thatís proof to know itís true to life/
So look to Him, give up everything to make it to Him/
To know Him fully/becoming holy as you pursue Him/
To all my saints, who know they saved/
But know thereís more to gain/
Keep pressing till the end when we will see Him face to face/





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