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Listen to the new remix album from August Burns Red!

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09. Identity 2: Adoption (Feat. Rick Trotter)

Identity Crisis
by Tedashii


Hook (Rick Trotter):
Come and listen to a story that gots to be told
A boy left by his father in a world so cold
Til the good news told him that he had been chose
And this is how the story goes, story goes

Verse 1 (Tedashii):
Natural born evil to reborn group of people/how does He do it/
call him-call him the redeemer/
thereís no equal/Heís higher than every creature/
in heaven or hell, and the earth canít hold Him either/
Heís so regal/out soars every eagle/
Iím so impressed with Him Iíll be looking for His sequel/
His names Jesus/in case you missed it hereís the prequel/
this God-man was the lamb used so God could free us/
so hereís my thesis/through faith weíre like a fetus/
reborn and adopted through Christ, thatís how He sees us/
with good reason He embraced us and received us/
He guarenteed it even before time had a season/
I canít believe it/it feels like Iím dreaming/
entitled to every right/co-heir to the kingdom/
itís truly legal/God rigged it so we would need Him/
Heís the father I always wanted, I know Heíll never leave me

Verse 2 (Tedashii):
wheew/now here we go/truth up in a trilla flow/
the word became flesh and then Flesh was fleshed our among us bro (Jesus)/
all knowing Savior/the savior straight from the making/
that can see inside our hearts to get past the faking/
ainít no lying, ainít no cheating, ainít no hiding, he can see you/
He knows everything about us, ainít no secrets/
He knows whatís inside of man/all the lies inclined to man/
all wise, all seeing/still He chose to abide in man/
Iím blown away when I think on how my soul was saved/
Like a movie I can see it/like it was yesterday/
caught up in a major way/sort of like I had a date/
God booked the appointment and rigged it in a player way/
Grace through faith did more than just account for me/
it placed me in His family and gave me my identity/
who am I/Iím a child of the King/
co-heir with the Savior/adopted and redeemed/

He gave me a brand new life
Forgiven me of all Iíve done
Heís not only a king Heís my Father (My Father yeah)




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