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08. My Bride

Ghosts Upon The Earth
by Gungor


I found you naked
I found you lying there in blood
Your mother left you
Your father threw you out unloved

I clothed your body
I washed the blood and earth from your hair
I gave you jewelry
I gave you everything I had

I gave my heart
My heart, my love
I gave my heart
My heart, my love

You became mine
You were a stunning bride
The world they saw you and how you loved their eyes my bride

You broke my heart
My heart, my love
You broke my heart
My heart, my love

You sold your body exposed yourself to all my love
You slept with strangers; you gave them everything we had

Come back my love
My love come back
Come back my love
My love come back

Behind the Song:
Ezekiel 16 is a relatively graphic chapter in the Bible. It is a prophetic railing against God’s people for selling themselves as a whore to the world and leaving their first love. With the direction of the narrative of the album thus far, I thought it would be appropriate to write a song from this chapter of the Bible. Plus, I figured no one else I know would be crazy enough to do that, so why not us? There are plenty of people putting nice chapters in the Bible to music, but who is scoring the dark and dirty prostitution chapters? Gungor is, that’s who.

If you think the lyrics “naked” and “blood” and all of that in the song are over the top, you really should read the chapter. We really scaled back the gore and the sexuality. Trust me, we made it about as family friendly as that chapter can get. I feel as if music about God is most always referred to as “safe” or “positive” or “encouraging.” There’s nothing wrong with that sort of music of course, but I feel like allotting all of spirituality and God to those small boxes of human emotion and content rob us and make faith shallow. After all, the Bible is not always just “positive and encouraging.”

Anyway, the meter of this song is a bit tricky to figure out, so I’ll help you out. It goes back and forth from 9 to 8. The drum groove kind of helps it lock into place and feel like there is some sort of a ground that you are standing on by feeling like it stays in 4 for most of it.

One musical highlight to point out in this song… I like how the music builds within the emotion of the lover. The cellos slide up their glissando, shifting the emotion of heartbreak into a sort of righteous anger – the kind of anger that is based in love. The lover is angry because his love is so deep for her. Paul Maybury’s layered drum tracks here reflect the heightened pulse of the passionate, jealous lover.

After the storm calms back down a bit, the true heart of the lover is exposed in the longing words, “come back my love.” I think that this should be the true prophetic heart towards the church in our culture – a broken, human institution that has been marred and perverted and twisted into something barely recognizable sometimes; but still, she is the bride. Her beauty remains hidden under the shame and the scars, and she is still worth fighting for.

-- Gungor




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