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01. One Last Christmas

The Heart of Christmas
by Matthew West


I left the lights up all year Ďround / I just couldnít bear the thought of takiní Ďem down
/ Iíve been singing ďjingle bell rockĒ since July / All the neighbors look at me like
Iím crazy but I Ö // I, got a feeling that I just canít shake / You see itís lasted threehundred
sixty four days / And now Iím too excited, I canít sleep a wink and / I stare at
the snow outside my window just thinkiní // Come on, Christmas / I donít know why
youíre taking so long Christmas / Well, Iíve been waiting all year for you to get here
/ And I canít take another second, canít you hear me begginí / Hurry up Santa Claus
/ Hereís my number just in case those reindeer get lost / I sure wouldnít mind, if
youíre early this time / So, come on, come on, come on Christmas // Well, thereís just
something about this time of year / You can feel the excitement in the air / Everyoneís
hanginí with family and friends / And itís making you feel like a kid once again // Steal
a kiss under the mistletoe / While old Bing sings, ďlet it snow, let it snowĒ / The only
thing thatís left on my Christmas list is / Iím hopiní to catch a peek of oldí St. Nick //
Hearts are racing all around the world / Smiling faces on the boys and girls / Waiting
just to hear those sleigh bells ring / Singing, come on, Christmas do your thing

Written by Matthew West / © 2011 Songs of Southside Independent Music Publishing / External Combustion Music / Songs for Delaney (ASCAP)




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