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02. BZRK (feat. KB)

Time Stands Still
by Family Force 5



Hyped up on adrenaline
Feeling like a kid again
But then again
It’s a win, win, win again
So genuine, oh so genuine

Pop, pop, pop like a firecracker
Crack that back like a chiropractor
I go BZRK on a daily basis
Ya’ll recognize me, I’m melting faces

Gonna get your heart rate
Up to the sky, up up to the Sky
Up to the sky, up up to the Sky

BZRK going outta control
We on that FF5 going digital gold

Somebody call that fire department
Flames turned up at my apartment
Gotta stop, drop ‘cause it’s getting hot
Yeah, it’s getting hot, hot

Gonna get your heart rate
Up to the sky, up up to the Sky
Up to the sky, up up to the Sky


Uh so authentic
116 and the fam in the building, homie (ow)
You know we got it kill it
Keepin’ it cataclysmic, chaotic, calm and cool and you kiddin’, come on (ow)
I know you feel it
When the beat drop, girl’s like, 'No you didn't!”
That’s my song
Handle my business
God, my witness give it a minute
I promise Imma wild out
When I get that feelin’, the feelin’ of pure adrenaline
Spirit’s fillin’ me up, ain't no tellin’, homie, when it’ll end (hah)
I know the fire marshal gone be comin’ around to shut this down
He entered the building and got his hands up to the ceiling now like

Goin’ off like
Yeezy on stage
All the 808's don't need the heartbreaks
Juiced up on faith
Don't play
Everybody in the building go


written by Jacob Olds / Josh Olds / Nathan Currin / Derek Mount / Teddy Boldt / Riley Friesen / Solomon Olds / Kevin Burgess © 2014 Dayspring Music, LLC, Crouton Music, Smokadee Music , Etchaskrach Music , Derek Mount Music, Anchor Boldt Publishing (BMI) (Adm. by Dayspring Music, LLC) / Riley Friesen Publishing (ASCAP) / Soul Glow Activatur Music (BMI) / Fellowship of the Unashamed Music (ASCAP) (Adm. by Music Services)




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