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03. Dying in Circles

Everything Was Sound
by Silent Planet


Beside the shadow of a frozen chapel, under the marriage of the cross and
crown, outside the privilege of the “chosen ones” the Image 1 of God2 is sleeping
on the ground.
Spires pierce the sky like steel through your hands,3 planks from our eyes4
plunged in your side. Water poured out,5 but we want wine. You said, “Take and
remember”6 but we always forget.
To the outcast sons,7 to the sojourners - descendants of loss.
I’ll hold my breath until you can breathe. To truly live I must begin anew and be
consumed.8 Make a heart of flesh from these hollow stones. I’m learning what it
means to trade my certainty for awe.
When you fell to your knees to wash my feet did you see the trampled shadows
stained underneath?9 Did you hear the acrimony, perpetuated by the puppet
sewn to the pulpit?10 We forgot your life and become a people of death: Spellbound
by the celibate spectacle, inhabiting mausoleums.11
We are the eulogy at the funeral of God.12

Behind the Song:
1 Greg Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation
2 A homeless mother
3 Isaiah 53:5
4 Luke 6:42
5 John 19:34
6 1 Corinthians 11:25
7 Isaiah 56:8
8 Alexander Schmemann, For the Life of the World
9 Native Blood
10 Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell Jr. and other religious figures co-opted by cultural and political forces
11 Matthew 23:27
12 Zao, Funeral of God




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