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02. Phenomenal

by Group 1 Crew


I spent a lot a time tryin to find something that could make me feel better
My heart pulled up, down, left, right, but it never got better
Seemed I was losin myself to find love
But never thought you could show me just how much I was treasured

And I felt like love was so overrated
You took my heart and showed youíd never break it
Now I, ooh I, hope that I never waste it
No one could ever make me feel just like you do

Your loveís phenomenal

I been around the world and back, and nothin even came close
Canít help but laugh Ďcause all the love I found was simply a joke
They tried to tell me I could find it in the money and clothes
But when I gottem, nothin changed, might as well have stayed broke
ĎCause the fact is I could have Louis, Prada or Gucci
But nothin could move me like the subtle way that you pursued me
And all these groupies will fade when my units stop movin
Thatís the nature of the beast, but you taming the beast, provin
I ainít gotta do nothin, you already did it
I ainít gotta keep frontin, we copastetic
And you love me so sweet, mmm mmm, diabetic
We goní always work it out, yup yup, calestenics

Phenom, you the epitome of the most a
High and itís fly that you guiding me like a chofa
I could keep it hot, steady poppin like a toaster
But you the one thatís under me, holdin me like a coaster
My life fast, others movin slower
They skills like grass, my flow the mower
Everything you gave me for the purpose just show a
Love so phenomenal, wakin them out the coma

I donít know what you been through, and maybe you donít know me
But I know just what you need, mayne
And it ainít you, and it ainít me
You need my God
Ay and I ainít talkin Ďbout religion
You need my God
Iím talkin get up out the system
Ay Ďcause religion saves no one
You need my God

(Manwell Reyes / Andy Anderson / Thomas Ware) © 2016 Dayspring Music, LLC, Group 1 Crew Music Publishing (BMI) / Voive Music Publishing LLC (ASCAP) / Wareboyz Musik (ASCAP)




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