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10. God Part IV

Revisiting This Planet
by Kevin Max


I do believe that I am truly free
Cause I donít worship their politics
I donít believe in forced authority
Or the law that was made into tricks
I donít believe we should ignore the poor
I donít believe in these religious wars
I donít believe in money, power or fame
I canít believe we havenít learned a thing
But I believe In you
I donít believe weíre very different
I donít believe in gender judgements
I donít believe weíve got the right to kill
It doesnít seem very logical
I donít believe weíre alone in the universe
Or that the human race came first
I donít believe in Presidents or Kingís
I donít believe in much of anything
and yet I believe In You
donít watch TBN or CNBC
donít believe in FOX or MTV
I wonít be going to your mega church
prosperity gospel doesnít work
I donít believe in guns or building walls
Weíre just visiting this planet after all
I donít believe in fear or terrorists
I donít believe in fascists/nationalists
but I believe in you

Music and lyrics by Kevin Max




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