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03. What I Got To Say

by Manafest


Intro: I got a story for yall, about two people,
Living different lifestyles, you never thought it would happen like this.

There once was a lost boy living all annoyed
All aboard let me take you on tour
And travel through the mind of an innocent adolescence
Brains affected from his friends and fetus
He lives all alone with his mom and she drinks
Heís alive but he sinks into lies, heís deceived
The girls donít like um, teachers donít want him
Uh oh I donít know he skateboards out the door
Tries to find his soul while heís falling down a hole
Runs into the wrong groupies they going on stupid
Acting foolish, get him to do what he shouldnít
Breaking and entry, will leave you broke mentally
You donít want it keep your own wallet
They calling you soft behind bars is no option
Lifeís a little a bit, hard when gripping it
Take control or others will start living it

So listen to what I got to say,
Cause this type of stuff it happens everyday
If I told ya would you hear me?
Or would ya hear the truth, and not believe me

Super stars are so beautiful, they want you ooh, and ahh off they looks
Look surprised
Icons in the eyes, of us looking up
Magazines posters, autographs and such
I thought Iíd try to see her I went inside to meet her
Found out her real side would just cry and cry
All night all day cameraís in her face, she puts a smile on
Sheís happy just to play along,
God was on my lips
We talked about the biz
Entertainment what it is affecting the kids
Do you know about the power that you have?
When you dance, in the songs that you sang
These guyís, is like Dang!!!
What the deal is, tell me how you feeling
Thereís a God that can bring your life healing
She just took it in stride there was glaze on her eyes
I offered Christ left it to her to decide
I said, if you want it search and youíll find it


If you want it, search and youíll find it
You donít, but youíve got to free yourself

Take my advice from two types of life
Two stories two kids living without Christ
If you D.I.E you ainít at all happy
Use sadly, living in hell teeth is nashing
Oh my gosh, what the heck do I do Just know that there can only be one truth
óthatís it thatís all, now Iím signing off
Follow me hereís the chorus sing along




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