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03. Whoop Whoop

It's Pronounced 'Five-Two'
by KJ-52


Oh no heís back again
What ya know here I go and Iím rapping and
In the studio in the lab again
One mic one flow one pad and pen
For one moí just stack em in
One show letís roll letís pack em in
Yaíll know when we coming in
We blow every mind when we telling them
And chose every rhyme that we sending them
So folks recognize to be born again and realize he died so you can live again
And heíll crack the sky and heíll come again
All right letís ride start bouncing then
We can go all night it donít have to end
Hey Todd we started man
So get em high holla back if ya hear me then

Here we go like whoop whoop
Oh break it down like whoop whoop
And everybody like whoop whoop
Come on yaíll like whoop whoop

Now everybody from front to back
If ya just canít get enough of that
And ya feel it bump and ya loving that
Then get em up turn it up and just bump the track
Cause thatís the way that we running that
All day every day we gotta come with that
All truth no lies just none of that
Just for you every time just a ton of that
Understand thatís why when we bust a track
Every time any line any kind of rap
Iím a kind of guy just the type of cat
Ya gonna find every rhyme one kind of fact
That itís just Christ nothing less than that
And just every time Iíll be running that
And so thatís why Iím always bumping that
So getta fist real high and start pumping that

Chorus 2X

Come on now everybody

Written by J. Sorrentino and T. Collins ©2003 kjfivetwomusic (SESAC) / Jones Fercury Music (ASCAP)




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