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01. The More

Wide-Eyed and Mystified
by downhere


I met you like a little child
Wide-eyed and mystified
That You could love even me
So I'm here to testify
That it's been an amazing ride with You
And I have never walked alone
Wanna give You every moment, every minute
It's takes a lifetime to know You, to know You

And the more You show me, the more You grow me
The more Your glory becomes all there is
And the more I know You, the more I need You
The more I love You, the more You become to me

Fast-forward to the golden years
A smaller pride and a bigger fear
But still, no way are we done yet
I pray that You would keep me mystified,
In every way that I will still abide in You
Till You come to take me home
Wanna give You every moment, every minute
And take a lifetime to know You, to know You

Wanna give You every moment, every minute
I’ll take a lifetime to know You
Hold me Lord, keep me
Draw me closer every moment of my life

Behind the Song:
"I believe faith is like a muscle. The more you use what little of it you may have, the more it grows in strength. It also goes to say that the opposite is true—the less you exercise it, the more it wanes. I look back on my childhood and see a boy with every reason to believe God for all that He says He is. And I did. I look at myself now, and see a man with even more reasons to believe, but also with more reasons to doubt. Being stronger physically, emotionally, and able to take care of myself, it now becomes much more tempting to believe that I am self-sufficient. So wouldn't it be fair to say that the older and wiser a believer becomes, the more faith they need? Or is it more accurate to say that the older and wiser a believer grows, the easier it should get to have complete, unshakeable faith in God? I think that somehow both of these ideas co-exist. What I've found to be the crux of this is my relationship with my Creator. When I am enjoying Him, when I'm faithful in the little things, the bigger things that I can't handle are taken care of. I don't have to pretend that I'm self-sufficient. Naturally, the opposite is true in every way. A child believes easily, and I sometimes find myself wishing for that frame of mind. But knowing what I know now about my God, in light of what I know about my world, it makes His love seem all the more amazing. It seems like as my faith grows, His love also my eyes anyway. So I will continue to keep on exercising my faith with every moment, every minute, but in a more wonderfully complex way. And who knows? Maybe by the time I'm elderly I will have, by the grace of God, regained that innocent, simple childlike faith I once had. I can only hope." - Marc Martel (downhere)




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