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13. It's Over Now

Stereo: The Evolution Of HipRockSoul
by 4th Avenue Jones


I want some Brand Nubian
Pac and Rakim
Biggie, Nas
Really donít make emcees like they used to
Freestyle Fellowship
D.O.C, Pharaoh Monch
Jay, Ahmad, and Thought from the Roots crew
Thatís a hood whoís who
Now what you dudes do
Make a wack album
Pay Lil Jon do two
Dope beats for the streets to introduce you
But you weak
We know he got heat, what you do?
Sick of hype
Homie is you tight or boo boo
Iím precise with mine dun diced a few fools
Got stripes for serving on mics you new to
From the Life where if you ainít nice we boo you
Boo hoo go head cry if you wanna
What you gotís not hot they rock mine every corner
Homie canít see me if he try he a goner
Plus he must be smoking that Thai marijuana

Itís over now
I told yíall itís over now
We off in them Range Rovers now
It wonít stop but itís over now
Itís Over Now
I told yíall itís over now
We got money to fold up now
It donít stop but itís over now

Ahmadís going through a carpenter phase
Carving up stages
And mics with tight rhymes sharper than razors
Fools talk so often Iím made to
Defeat these MCís in 3ís
Like Stojakovic, Peja
See whatever you got and Iíll raise ya
Man who you kidding
Poppiní your lip then hit me back when I page ya
With it whenever whatever
Iím too clever youíll never
Do nothing to my crew ever
We heavyweights to you feathers
Paragraphs to letters
We the Jagís you Jettaís
You backspins we more advanced like Capoeira
Avenue band stands apart where fans set us
Yíall loose
We tighter than Bruce Bruceís sweaters
Rocked with top sellers
So hot they got jealous
Haters pop a lot we not goní stop fellas
Every rhymeís divine we shine causeí God let us
Grindiní till we platinum lying in Barbados


Lyrics by Ahmad Jones / Music by Bobby Ross & IZ Avila / Instruments by IZ Avila, Background Vocals by IZ, Tilly, & Robert Young / Sublime Basement Tunez / Warner Chappell Music (BMI)/Defenders of Music / EMI April Music / Flyte Tyme Tunes (BMI)/ Lookalive Music Publishing/ Universal Music Publishing Ltd.- Admin by Universal Music Publishing ( BMI ) Recorded by Matt Marrin at The Village Recorders, Los Angeles, CA




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